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Lighting is the most important element in decorating, dramatically improving the look and feel of any room. Mood can be transformed from light and functional, to subtle and atmospheric. Designer style home lighting is often created with lamps.

Skillful placement make ‘designer lamps’ focal points –  ‘home fires’ of the electrical age. Lamps featured here are design statements in their own right - equally dramatic when not lit.
Furniture layout is not constrained by existing light fittings.
Portability makes lamps the most flexible design investment. Ideal when you cannot change existing fixed lighting - You can take them with you wherever you go.

Indoor Lighting

Use a mixture of lamps to give texture, focus and shape to general lighting, by adding depth and shade.

Use a search light or studio light to ‘accent’ a focal point in your room. These lamps shout ‘style’.

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Home Lighting

We spend hours studying paint charts, but it's lighting that shows it of to best advantage. Choose one of these dramatic lamps for your own Designer look.

These are versatile adjustable and elegant additions in any room.

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Interior Lighting

Strong light for specific tasks - reading, hobbies, using a computer must be readily available but should look good on or off – where living rooms become studies, homework areas or part time office. Stylish lamps like these will enhance not spoil the look of any room.

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